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Hudson’s mind almost went blank when the stew passed his lips. How long had it been since his last meal? He snorted; Those damned MRE’s had hardly passed for food… He was shoveling the last bits of the ambrosia into his mouth when his host returned with more food, a bottle, and some goblets. S’losseshek slid over another seat and clicked it in place opposite Hudson.

“Please say you appreciate properly brewed alcohol. I’ve met some oomans who actually forbid the consumption of it.”

“I ain’t one of ‘em, that’s for damned sure,” Hudson replied, accepting the goblet offered.

“Grandmother Zaf’el taught me it is custom to say words before starting to drink alcohol. Health, wealth, and love to all here.” The massive alien raised his goblet, then downed its contents in one gulp.

Hudson was loathing looking like a sissy by sipping it first, so he took a big slug. Whatever the hell this hooch was, it was sweet and hot as blazes going down. He gasped and his entire body spasmed.

S’losseshek slapped Hudson’s shoulder jovially and grinned his approval, “Smooth, eh? It’s Amber Mead, fermented ganworm honey, the best in the quadrant. One of several fine exports I distribute on behalf of Hiveworld.”

“Hiveworld? Is that where we’re headed?” Hudson did not like the sound of that.

“Indeed we are,” smiled S’lossehek as he ladled more stew into Hudson’s tray, “It’s Grandfather Joshua’s planet, where he lives with Grandmother Zaf’el. “ The alien leaned forward, “I’ll bet you’d never guess it, but I am a descendant of Earth oomans, just like you! My great-grandmother was an Earth female named Kelly Matthews. She married my Great-Grandfather S’Loss the Yautja, from whom I inherit my handsome mandibles, coloring, and stature. Are these things not wondrous? You and I might even share blood!”

Hudson smiled awkwardly, trying not to appear rude, “Well, I doubt my blood is anywhere near as dangerous as yours…” He took up his spoon and resumed eating.

S’losseshek poured himself more mead. “Ah, I sense discomfort on your part. Yes, my blood is acid, a gift from my xenomorph forebears. There are advantages to being what my ooman friend Rachel, calls “a mutt”. You are familiar with this designation?”

Hudson smiled again in spite of himself, “Sure do. I’ll take a good mutt over a purebred any day. Your friend sounds like she’s from Earth too, North Americaland like me.”

“Yes, she is from a place designated Justice Indiana, U.S.A.”

“U. S. of A.?  The North American continent was unified under Canada by the Treaty of Montreal almost seventy years ago!”

“Ah yes… it was mentioned to me that you are from the same timeline as my grandmother will be—” S’lossehek read the confusion and distress on Hudson’s face, “As you can see, there is much that you will have to learn when we reach Hiveworld. Grandmother Zaf’el went through a similar period of disbelief and adjustment. Finish your meal and I will show you the showering room, the lavatory, and your bunk. You have been through a great deal in the past few days. Relax and renew your strength. All will be well, I promise you.”


The clouds of Hiveworld swirled pink and blue through the foreword view-screen of S’lossehek’s vessel, “The Halo's Death”. Hudson had to admit, the sight was quite pretty.

“We’ll be over the Northern Continent in a moment,” said S’losseshek in his gruffly cheerful way, “It’s mid-winter, so the rains haven’t started yet. The winter humidity might make an ooman like you a bit uncomfortable at first, but you’ll adjust. Simply take things slowly and you’ll be fine.”

They landed in a large courtyard and eased into one of a dozen hangers. There was no sign of anyone. S’losseshek seemed unconcerned. “It is midmorning, and all are in the hive. Here, I put your armor in this case. You won’t need it, but I figured they are the only possessions you have. Let’s go find my family.”

“Thanks,” Hudson hadn’t allowed himself to think about things too deeply. There was undoubtedly a helluva lot more things to adjust to besides the heat, which blasted him in the face the second the hatch opened. He was drenched in humidity and sweat within seconds.

S’losseshek turned and grinned at him, inhaling deeply, “AAAAhhh! There’s no place like home! Come on, ooman cousin! Good food and good company await us!”


Rachel and Raul’s transport had arrived earlier in the day. They visited with their daughter a while, then headed for the climate-controlled beach-side cabana Aunt Lydia stayed in most of the time to pay their respects to the ancient earth woman. Lydia had arrived on Hiveworld over thirty years previously, when she was 83 years of age. The weaker gravity, advanced medical care, and healthful food had enabled her to maintain a relatively active life until the last few years. Now her devoted hive family carried her wherever she needed to go, refusing to let her overexert herself. She was adored and respected, her stories and memories lovingly recorded by drones whose sole purpose in life was to care for her. Lydia had balked at first, but learned to appreciate “her boys”, knowing that back on Earth, she would almost certainly have succumbed to old age and poor health decades ago. Toddask, Lydia’s chief caregiver greeted the Patriarch and Matriarch with great reverence.

“Welcome to the abode of Auntie Lydia, most respected of the Hive!” He shut the door behind them quickly and ushered them in to the parlor area. Lydia was seated on a large, comfortable-looking futon, surrounded by large pillows strewn on the floor. The old woman radiated joy at the sight of her friends.

“Rachel, sweetie! You look stunning! And Raul, you old dog, you’re still as handsome as ever! Come here and give an old lady a big hug!” After they exchanged embraces, she bade them sit. “Todd, Sweetie, be a dear and get us some cold drinks and a snack, please.”

“Instantly, Beloved.”

Rachel’s eyebrows shot up as the drone left.“Todd? Beloved?

“Let an old lady have her jokes, baby. I renamed his brothers “Poolboy, Beefcake, and Hunky”.  After the first ten years, they started to actually look almost good to me. I think if I ever said I needed male companionship of the romantic type, they’d fight each other for the honor, the little darlings.” Lydia chuckled, “Too bad I can’t get past the lack of eyes and the scorpion tail. Hell, who am I foolin’? I’d drop dead in the first 30 seconds anyway! ”

Rachel giggled, “What a great way to go, though!”

Lydia laughed heartily, “I could never put the guilt of lovin’ me to death on any of my boys! I appreciate them too much, that’s for sure!”

The drone returned with the refreshments and took up his station behind his mistress, massaging her shoulders as one of his brothers served their guests. “So, I hear we got company comin’.”

“Yes, we do,” said Raul, “as you must have heard, another Earth human, one that we believe is from Zaf’el’s home era.”

“Mmmmmmmm mmm, things just never cease to amaze! I can’t wait to talk to him!”


“It’s cooler on the beach on the opposite side of the hive,” S’losseshek told his companion.

“Fantastic,” muttered Hudson, following the big alien right into the entrance without blinking. All he cared about was sea breezes and a cool dip in the water. He even nodded greetings to the xenomorphs he passed. There were women too, who smiled and went about their business alongside the bugs. Hudson started peeling off his drenched clothes the minute he reached the Oceanside opening, trotting past a small, decidedly Hawaiian-looking structure before diving into the waves wearing only his boxers.

A middle-aged woman came out of the building and waylaid S’losseshek.

“Was that him I saw streaking by?”

“Yes, I think he’s not thrilled with the warmth of our paradise,” laughed the hybrid, tossing aside his gear and heading into the breakers, “By the way, hello, Rachel!”

“Howdy, Little S’lossy! I’ll join you guys in a bit.”


Hudson had not realized how much the sticky heat had affected him until after he’d dived into the surf.  It was as though a fog had lifted in his brain, and all was now revealed in crystal clarity. The closest thing he had for a friend at the moment was an eyeless, drooling eight-foot-tall monster, a xenomorph. He’d strolled right through anentire hive of xenomorphs without a shot being fired. It made him wonder about the people he’d left behind: Hicks, Vasquez, Gorman, Ripley and the little girl, Newt. Had they made it out alive? Had the synthetic, Bishop, been able to complete his part in the rescue of his comrades? If they’d been caught, they were all long gone by now…dead and deader. Hudson flinched and almost inhaled a lungful of seawater when a huge black shape shot past him. He surfaced, took a breath, and resubmerged to find S’losseshek smiling at him. The alien motioned for him to follow and turned away. Hudson could not see any reason to disobey, and tried to keep up as his strange companion swam off using his tail like an alligator. They hugged the shoreline, passing reefs filled with colorful sea life. S’losseshek veered off and emerged from the surf in a shady cove. Hudson stayed in the sea, treading water.

“I don’t think I’m ready to leave the cool water just yet,” he called.

“That’s fine.  I’m just going to grab a spear for you from my storage shed.” The alien trotted off into the jungle, and returned moments later with the weapon. He handed it to Hudson. “I figured we could be of use to the Hive while we’re enjoying ourselves. The fishing is easy in this stretch of ocean. “

Hudson felt somewhat ambiguous about aiding a hive in any fashion. The fact that fishing had never been an area of interest to him didn’t help. Still, this xenomorph mutt had been nothing but gracious and thoughtful. If he held the thought that he was assisting this ally, things settled in Hudson’s gut better. His host shot ahead of him once more and was lost to view. Hudson took a breath and looked around. A second later, a school of fish swam right at him, fleeing S’losseshek’s jaws. The Colonial Marine missed the first, but jabbed at another and impaled it. The alien snatched one too, and grinned as he exuded silk to tie around the tails of their catch. The scene was repeated a dozen times, until they had quite a load to drag behind them on their way home.

Hudson found himself laughing along with his fellow fisherman as they headed up onto the beach. His good mood lessened at the sight of several pure blood-looking xenomorphs approaching them. The middle-aged woman emerged from the cabana as well, wearing only a crystal necklace. The big xenomorph that was holding her hand also sported a crystal, and Hudson wondered if they might be like wedding bands. The thought made him shudder inside at the thought of what that meant. He looked down when the naked woman approached him.

“You know, I’ve been here so long, I forget sometimes that skinny dipping was not a universally accepted pastime back on earth. You look red as a beet, Private Hudson. Therefore, I’ll have mercy on you and see you when we’re done swimming.” She tugged the xenomorph’s hand, “Let’s go, Angelface.”  Her companion growled and let her lead him off.

S’losseshek handed Hudson his clothes and draped his arm around his shoulders.” Come on with me and we’ll visit Aunt Lydia, cousin. She’s an earth ooman too. Very old and very wise. You can offer her some of our catch as a sign of respect.”

To be continued…
Journeys Chapter 2
A fanfiction based upon Aliens' character Hudson visiting the Alternate Universe of Hiveworld, after the collab. with Drakhand2006

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This content is intended for mature audiences.

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Raul the Terrible, patriarch of Hiveworld, was tired. His exoskeleton had seen glossier days, and his teeth were not as sharp as they used to be.  He found himself slower and his joints stiffer.  After his morning meeting with his daughter, Queen Esperanza, he was more than ready to avail himself of the hotsprings in the Southern Hive. He and his wife Rachel had moved there several  years before, when her body had also begun to suffer  the stiffness of aging. Raul’s conferences with his daughter were via the interface rather than in person. It had been an adjustment, but necessary.

Rachel greeted her lover with affection as he eased himself into the water beside her. He caressed her greying hair and turned so she could massage his backhorns.

“S’losseshek sends greetings from his grandmother Zaf’el, and news of a disturbance on one of the colonies in the Reven system—”

“Queen Hsstathrush’s hive? Is everyone okay?”

Raul chuckled, “Nothing our beloved friends cannot handle. Apparently they’d discovered a Colonial Marine wandering about in the older, disused section of their main nest. They had him safely cocooned and handed him over to S’losseshek as a gift for Zaf’el, knowing she had had dealings with them in her former life.”

“Wait a sec! I thought Colonial Marines were from Earth’s future! “

“That is correct, my Love. It would seem we have another orphan of time being tossed our way.”


PFC Bill Hudson was having the worst day in the history of worst days. He knew with absolute certainty he was going to die, all because some chickenshit miners wouldn’t leave a derelict ship sit till the proper authorities could come and check it out for threats and contaminants. It wasn’t fair. He’d always thought the end would come in a real fight against real opposing forces, not overgrown bugs from hell.

Now those bugs were dropping from the ceiling after bypassing the sealed doors of their last refuge in Hadley’s Hope.

Hudson opened fire on them, yelling in defiance, “Die, mother-fucker! “

His comrade in arms, Corporal Dwayne Hicks, called for him to fall back, but Hudson knew he needed to stand his ground In order to give Ripley and the little girl a chance at escape. He peppered the creatures as they came. “ Mother fucker!  Come on!  Come and get it, baby!I don’t got all day!  Come on!  Come on, you bastard!  Come on, you too!  Oh, you want some of this?  Fuck you!”

Hudson was so busy yelling and shooting at the approaching creatures that he didn't notice

the floor panels collapsing under him until it was too late. The Xenomorph warriors seized him and began dragging him down into the floor.  He continued  to  scream obscenities and fire down at them until his weapon was ripped from his grasp, “Aaarghhh!  Fuck you!  Hicks!  Hicks!”

Corporal Hicks tried to help him by pulling him out, but the creatures were too strong.  Hudson quickly disappeared into the hole, still yelling.

He fully expected one of the bastards to punch a hole in his skull or rip him limb from limb. They did something far worse. They dragged him off, kicking and screaming, in the direction of their hive.


The lead warrior had made it clear to all that Hudson and any other prey they could subdue must be brought back to use as hosts to help replenish the hive. Too many drones had lost their lives trying to protect the nest from these invaders. He shuddered as another bolt of electricityshot across their path on the way back to the crèche. He’d seen bad storms in his short life here on LV-426, but none like this. The lightning penetrated the structures with greater frequency and strength. He wondered if it would eventually reach the inner sanctum of the nest. They needed to hurry.

The hive resin had just come into their line of sight when several lightning bolts converged to form a huge ball of energy. The drones’ senses were overwhelmed. They dropped their prisoner and scrambled for cover. Hudson saw a blinding flash, then darkness overtook him.


Water dripping. Steamy heat like Florida in August. PFC Hudson opened his eyes, groaning. Even his eyelashes hurt. Either it was dark, or whatever had hit him had left him blind. The very thought quickened his pulse. He could smell them. Hudson ignored the jolt of pain that coursed through his body and sat up. Their stench was all around him, but he heard no movement, no sound other than the distant drip of water. To his relief, his eyes adjusted to the darkness and he could make out his surroundings. He was alone at the moment, but far from out of danger. The walls and ceiling were covered in that disgusting organic resin. His hand brushed the floor. It was dirt over stone, not metal grating or plasti-deck.  This was not the lower levels of the compound. The bugs must have carried him to another section of their hive, away from the human-made structures.

Hudson gingerly tried to stand. His legs were wobbly and hurt like hell, but held his weight. The tunnel curved in both directions, but one side was definitely higher than the other. Higher might lead to the surface and a way out. He examined the walls and ceiling, but saw no sign of resting drones.  Suddenly Hudson reached down to see if his K-Bar combat knife was still sheathed. It was, not that it would do him much good against a dozen acid-blooded monsters… he limped painfully up the tunnel, ears and eyes sharp and frosty.


Drone 6338 was awakened from his nap by a soft beeping noise. He yawned as he punched in the codes to see what had triggered the alert. Usually it was a shift in the stellar winds, or an errant radio wave.  His attitude changed to concern as he saw a surge of energy expand and disappear in one of the old tunnels. He cocked his head. The energy had dispersed, but been replaced by a life sign…a prey life sign… He shook his fellow drone awake.

“Hey! 1094! The interface has an alert!”

1094 grunted and tried to roll over, “Prey tech is a pain. Half the time it’s just a glitch—”

6338 bodily lifted his brother and shoved his dome at the readout screen. “That’s no glitch, it’s an intruder!  We need to intercept it before it reaches inhabited chambers!”

1094 was still a little groggy. “You want me to break open the weapons cell?”

“No, dammit! This is not the Flood War. This is Hive business, and we can defend ourselves in our own damned nest without prey weapons. Gather a dozen warriors and meet me at the Eastern perimeter tunnel.”


Hudson’s skull was still filled with the sounds and sights of that last battle. His mind kept rerunning all he and his platoon had done, sorting through the “what if’s” and “we should have’s”…always coming to rest on the eyes of that kid, that poor little girl. He shook his head. No kid should ever go through what she’d suffered… he paused, wishing he could find the source of that dripping water. The heat plastered his shirt to his body and made his armor feel like it weighed a ton, but he was hesitant to take it off. Any protection was better than nothing.

Then he heard what he’d been dreading: that swift clicking of claws, overlapping, growing closer by the second. Hudson turned and sprinted in the opposite direction. He could hear hissing and menacing growls gaining on him. He started glancing around for side tunnels or any place to hide. As he rounded a bend, he caught a glimpse of a hole up in a wall, large enough for him to enter. He leapt up with all his strength and scrambled in. It was a small passageway, only big enough to crawl through, but it was better than nothing.  He crawled as fast as he could, ignoring his claustrophobia and the pain in hishands and knees. The tunnel had several bends which he navigated easily. There was a dim light ahead of him somewhere. “Fuckin’ GREAT,” he muttered as he stopped a second to listen. The aliens had discovered his detour, and were coming up behind him.  He clambered to the end of the tunnel and squinted in the dim light. It seemed to be a cavern of sorts. There was no time to hesitate. Hudson lowered himself down the sloping wall onto the floor.

Something on the floor next to his foot moved.


Movement…breath…pulse…The facehugger sensed these nearby and stirred to life. The first thing it felt was desperation. The only thing it could feel was desperation. Its sole purpose was to deliver its precious cargo into a life-giving host as soon as possible. It loved the embryo it carried with mindless, maternal ferocity. The child must live. All else was irrelevant.  The petals of the egg that had protected it opened and the creature leapt forward with all its strength towards the source of the movement. The creature obligingly opened its mouth to cry out, and the facehugger embraced it with joy.


Hudson yanked back his boot and instinctively hit the dirt, curled up in a ball facing the wall. The partially cocooned animal he’d accidentally awoken shrieked and struggled as a facehugger erupted from one of a dozen eggs in the chamber.  He tried to move as little as possible when he peeked over his shoulder to see if there was an exit close by. Another egg trembled slightly. Hudson kept his face to the wall as he slowly stood, sliding his knife from its sheath. He’d slit his own throat before—

A pair of clawed hands grabbed him under the arms and yanked him back up into the tunnel, while another wrested the knife from his grip. Two aliens started dragging him off while a third appeared to block the entrance to the cave holding the eggs. Hudson’s mind reeled in confusion, but still he struggled. Finally, one of the creatures apparently had enough and socked him in the jaw. The Colonial Marine went limp, and they continued down the small tunnel.


Hudson awoke to find himself plastered to a wall, held fast by resin. Several xenomorphs were crouched opposite of him, seemingly struggling to manipulate a small, rectangular piece of equipment. The one closest to him noticed he was awake, and nudged the one holding the box. They scooted closer and stared at him.

“What the hell are you lookin’ at, you ugly mother fucker?”

The aliens immediately looked down at the box, which began to emit hissing noises. Their heads jerked up after the hissing stopped. One leapt at him, snarling and hissing, and whacked him upside the head.

“How DARE you insinuate I would copulate with my own mother, you soft skinned hairy piece of dung!” came from the box, “I say we eat you, protocol be damned!”

The other creature grabbed his companion and pulled him back. A slightly deeper voice emanated from the box:
“Prey creature, can you understand what is being said to you?”

Hudson remained silent, trying to ascertain whether this was reality or whether he was suffering from a concussion.

The first drone snarled at the other, “I don’t think this moron understands anything. I TOLD you to try Spain language first. The interface says it’s more common.” It pushed some buttons and hissed at Hudson. The box asked, “Se hablaespaniol?”

The marine burst out laughing at the absurdity of it all, then said, “Nope, You were right the first time. I can’t speak Spanish, much less curse in it.”

The original drone with the box recalibrated it and hit its aggressive companion hard enough to send it flying. “Idiot! Why would he curse in English if he spoke Spanish? Stick to watching over him and leave the questioning to me.”

It cocked its head at Hudson. “So, you ARE an Earth Hooman. I thought I recognized your covering from the reference files. You are a warrior from the time of Zaf’el…a Colonial Marine, yessss?”

“I have no idea what a Zaf’el is, pal. Private First Class William James Hudson, serial number 446289.”

The aggressive drone sat rubbing its head. “What the hell does all THAT mean?” he asked the communications drone.

“Damned if I know. Not my problem. We know who and what our intruder is. Our task here is done. I’ll transmit all to our beloved queen and she’ll decide how best to deal with him.”

They stood as one, and with the other drones that had been standing guard, left Hudson without another word.


A short time later, a xenomorph entered with a container.

“Oh god, here comes the facehugger,” Hudson thought to himself.  Another voice chuckled inside his head. “No, it’s only water. I thought you might be thirsty.”

The drone held it up to his lips, and the human drank deeply. He eyed the alien as it backed away and sat down.

“That’s not you in my head, is it?”

Again the low chuckle, “How clever you are, Private Hudson. Close your eyes and I shall make my appearance known to you.”

Hudson did as he was told, and found himself face to face with a set of teeth that made all others seem small and dull. His eyes shot open, but the image remained, leering at him from an enormous, elongated black head.

“I see you are properly impressed. I am Hsstathrush, queen of this hive.  Had you come into my domain a mere 30 years ago, we would not be having this conversation. As it is, even though I have been enlightened, my first instinct is to rip you to pieces for entering my domain. However, I have taken the liberty of probing your mind and your memories, and I know you had no control over the forces that brought you here.  And even though I also know that you hate me and all of my kind with a visceral loathing, I shall forego your execution and turn you over to my allies instead. You have suffered greatly at the hands of other xenomorphs. It is my decision that you shall not suffer any further. When the next transport arrives, you shall leave in peace. Sleep now.”

Hudson slept.


“I keep losing consciousness in one place, and waking in another,” Hudson thought as he surveyed his surroundings. He was strapped into a cushioned seat, but his hands were free. His helmet and armor had been removed. At first he thought the creature with its back to him was a xenomorph like all the others (besides the queen) that he’d seen. It turned and brought over a tray with some sort of stew that smelled heavenly.  Hudson shuddered in spite of the friendly gesture. This xeno was at least a foot taller than the others. Its armor was spikey, and mottled green and grey in color. The most extraordinary thing about it though, was its mouth. The standard orifice was flanked on both sides with a truly frightening pair of mandibles, ending in sharp tusks.  The horrific mouth curved up in a smile of sorts.

“William Hudson, it is good you are awake,” the creature said in a rumbling rasp, “You must be famished. I am S’losseshek, son of S’loss II, grandson of Zaf’el, and this is my vessel. I’m sure you have many questions, and I shall endeavor to answer them in due time. Please eat. My take offs are quite gentle.”  It patted his arm and headed off into the cockpit.

To be continued…
Journeys Chapter 1
A fanfiction based upon Aliens' character Hudson visiting the Alternate Universe of Hiveworld, after the collab. with Drakhand2006

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This content is intended for mature audiences.

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Two and a half Years later


At last, the battered fleet re-entered the Hiveworld system. The Xenomorphs on board could barely contain their joy at returning to their home. During their long and dangerous journey, all involved had become fused into a cohesive unit. The comradery of the battlefield spilled over into the daily lives of those aboard the ships. Close friendships were formed, even among those Xenomorphs who had been born to the traditional configuration. They had proven much more flexible than even they themselves had dreamed.  They would kill or die for those who had fought beside them, Vall, human, New Hive, Hortagellaxian…


Eddie finished breaking down and packing the last of his gear. Zak lumbered into his cabin without ringing the buzzer, but this was standard amongst the Xenos onboard. Privacy was a “prey thing”. He sat down on Eddie’s sleeping platform.

“Have you been able to get through to her today?  Communication’s been pretty busy.”

“No, but I’m not concerned. She’ll be there when we land.”

“You’re fortunate you’ve had a female to correspond with. I think you of the New Hive are lucky to be able to mate with others besides a queen.”

Eddie stopped packing and eyed his friend. “I had no idea my relationship with Miransa was a cause for distress—”

“Oh, do not feel bad. I wasn’t really complaining. I just think it’s good you’ll have such closeness…”

“She’s a superior woman. I’m looking forward to resuming my courtship of her.”

“It is surprising your hive brother Chris did not pursue her in your absence. I would have,” Zak grinned.

“That’s because you’re unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.”

“You’re damned right on all counts. Survival of my personal bloodline would supersede friendship.”

“Then I’m glad you’re of the old config, and not capable of attempts at absconding with my woman. It would be sad to have to kill you after we’d established such a close relationship.”

“Ah, but killing me would go against her mindset. She might not like you as much.”

“I’d explain to her that you’d been thinking of eating her. She’d understand I was acting in her defense.”

Zak roared with laughter, “You’d LIE like that? You must be desperate!”

Eddie chuckled, “Not at all. It’s just I’m a xenomorph too, unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality. There’s the four minute landing announcement. Get out of my way or I’ll decapitate you with my tail blade.”

His huge companion stepped aside, bowing, “Oh pleeeeease don’t hurt me!”

They walked down the corridor to the unloading area, still chuckling.


Desmond was the first to exit the main warship. During the past few months, they’d come within range to exchange real-time communication with home. He had cherished those moments when his wife’s face lit up the view screen, telling him of events, reminding him of her love and why he had undertaken such a long journey away from her arms.

He searched the crowd for her and was stunned as he caught sight of her approaching.  Carina Worrell ran into his embrace, laughing and crying with joy.

“HOW?” was all he could articulate as she covered his dome with kisses.

“The healers from Hortagellax made it their mission in life to see me walk again.” Carina pulled back from him and wiggled a foot, “The toes look a bit odd, but otherwise they grew back just fine. It took months and hurt a helluva lot, but it was worth it! Here come the kids!” A girl about ten and a teenaged boy pushed their way through the crowd.

“Daddy Des! I missed you So MUCH!”  Veelruh hugged his waist as he ran his claws through her hair.

“Desmond, it’s great to see you again,” said Rikan, standing back a bit. Suddenly he embraced his adoptive father too.

“I’ve been hearing impressive things about you---my son---I am so proud,” Desmond patted his back.


Zaf’el found Joshua seated in the sand gazing out over The Great Western Sea. She sat down beside him. Without a word, he took her hand.

“The seabirds are returning from their annual migration,” he said after a while. A large flock had come into view and was veering north towards their nesting grounds. “It always amazes me how many there are. “ He turned to face Zaf’el. “They always find their way back. Home is ingrained in their hearts. You too have found your way back.  This can be home for you, Zaf’el. You have acceptance here among those who appreciate you.  There is no longer reason to feel like an outsider. Join my hive.  Be my mate. I love you.”

Zaf’el looked into his face and saw only his heart. There was no trace of suspicion or discomfort stemming from what he was. She hesitantly leaned forward and kissed him.


Ten years later


One among them rose and strode to the center of the gathering. All voices hushed, faces shining eager in the flickering firelight. He began his tale in the traditional manner, his voice carrying strong and true, cadence melodic, as he spoke the words

"Once upon a time…"

"Once upon a time, there were species arrogant and foolish, who sought to set themselves up as creators, though they themselves were but creations of the highest power. In their folly, they produced both creatures of great nobility and strength, and those whose foul evil would spread like a cancer across galaxies…"

He hesitated, letting the gravity of this sink in, and then he resumed, "The first race turned against their wicked handlers, but only after having unwittingly done their perverse will for eons. Only after they had broken free were the people able to see their true purpose, which was to eradicate the plague of the other altered species, and thus save all, the worthy and the unworthy, redeeming themselves and returning order and peace once more…"

The storyteller spoke long into the night, recounting events they all knew well, yet cherished hearing nonetheless. He punctuated his words with his body, fluid and graceful in the firelight, like a dance that changed with each telling. S’loss was a master of his art, and was beloved by all, in every hive on Hiveworld and beyond.

The People had spread out from their planet, but not the way they had in eons past. They were a mixed group now, though they all considered themselves Xenomorph. Their configurations varied greatly, from the leathery-winged descendants of Ka’la and her people, The Vall, to the multi-limbed children of Gerlus. Their travels were peaceful and spurred by curiosity rather than conquest. They had become well-known and were welcomed in systems across the expanse.  It was not forgotten that they had vanquished The Flood and destroyed the threat of the Halos. Their aggression and ferocity in that campaign was the stuff of legend, yet there was little concern that aggression might be turned on other targets once the task had been completed. The xenomorphs had regained control of their destiny, and no longer felt compelled to carry out the old orders from their former masters, The Chulah.

They had come to use their biology for the benefit of all. Some had settled on mining colonies, using their resin as strong, flexible, quickly constructed support for tunnels. Their healing mucous and other secretions were widely used in medical facilities.

Some became renowned healers, artists, scientists that spread out in ten short years…soon they would enter that section of the Milky Way Galaxy that was the home of Earth and Yautja Prime.  S’loss was excited at the prospect of meeting the other sides of his ancestral family…

Alt Universe Collab Zaf'el pt 17
This is a fanfic based upon the Alien Franchise, which is the sole property of 20th Century Fox. I make no copyright claims on Xenomorphs, facehuggers, etc.

There are, however, original characters of my own making. Please respect my rights concerning these.

The Flood belongs to the universe of Halo, owned by 343 Industries.

This is a collaborative section of the series, done with Drakhand006, incorporating backstory and the main character Zaf'el, an extraordinary young woman of fascinating mixed heritage. You can read more about her……  <===  Chapter 16

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The fleet prepared to move out to reach the minimum safe distance from Installation 00's destruction.
Suddenly, the ship Zaf'el and the others had boarded fell under fire. Zaf'el rushed to the bridge to see what was happening.
"What's going on? Are we under attack?" she asked.
"An unknown vessel is hot on our trail and firing at us," replied one of the crewmen as he brought the craft on screen.
Zaf'el looked at the strange alien craft which looked like it had seen better days. It was badly damaged and covered in Flood bio mass. This had obviously been the ship the Flood had used to reach Installation 00.
Just then, they received a message from the craft. "Corpses and tombstones shift aside to offer room, a fate you must abide!"
"There's a Gravemind on that ship!" hissed Zaf'el.
The enemy ship fired again, but this time the Xenomorph ship was ready and took evasive action before returning fire. The blast damaged the Flood ship and disabled their main weapon. With its main weapon incapacitated, the ship launched a wave of ten fighter ships which raced towards the Xenomorph vessel as the main Flood ship fired with its secondary weapons.
Zaf'el quickly took a seat at one of the control centers on the bridge to alert the ship. "Attention! We have incoming hostiles! Prepare a welcoming party, gentlemen!”.


The Xenomorph ship launched a wave of ten fighter ships lead by Zak to engage the enemy fighters. The two factions of fighter ships engaged each other as the motherships continued to fire on each other in a merciless blaze of weaponry.
Meanwhile, in the Xenomorph's ship's bridge, Zaf'el tried to access the situation.
"How far are we from the minimum safe distance?"
"We're closing in," replied one of the crewmen.
"We have to take that Flood ship out now! We can't let them escape," said Zaf'el.
"Our scanners have located the ship's engines, but only one of our fighter ships could reach it," replied the crewmen.
"I know just the one," said Zaf'el.


The battle between the two waves of fighter ships didn't last long. The Xenomorphs had lost two ships, but the Flood had lost four. The bugs were naturals when it came to battle tactics, Zaf’el had to concede.
As Zak took out a fifth Flood ship, he received a message from Zaf'el. "Zak, we need to take that ship out before it reaches the minimum safe distance. Our ship wouldn't be able to do it time. We need you to do it. I'm sending you the coordinates of the ships engine now.”
"Alright," replied Zak. "Everyone follow behind me!"
The Xenomorph fighter ships rushed towards the Flood mothership as the Flood fighter ships followed closely behind them. The Flood mothership opened fire with its secondary weapons, but the Xenomorph squadron was ready for them. They took evasive action which caused the Flood to take out two of their own ships. One of the Xenomorph ships was hit, however. In a heroic effort, the pilot crashed his ship into one of the Flood fighter ships.
The two remaining Flood fighter ships attempted to close in on Zak. He waited for them to make their move, taking evasive action at the last second by soaring upwards and moving behind the two ships. He fired two missiles one of which dispatched the last Flood fighter ships as he and his remaining squad mates reached the ship's engine. The group launched a missile assault on the ships engine area. Zaf'el confirmed the engines were at critical.
"Excellent that did it! Return to the ship."
The seven Xenomorph fighter ships returned to their mothership as the Flood vessel's engines exploded destroying the rear half of the ship.
There are still Flood alive on the ship," said one of the crewmen.
"Just for the moment," replied Zaf'el. "Have our ships returned?"
"Affirmative, the eight surviving ships have returned," replied the crewmen.
"Excellent, lets speed this ship up. We don't have much time left." said Zaf'el.
The Xenomorph fleet reached the safe distance just in time as the explosive they'd planted in Installation 00 exploded. The resulting blast caused the core to go critical. The resulting chain reactions also caused the installation's artificial sun to go critical as well. The resulting supernova destroyed the Installation and the stranded Flood ship.
Zaf'el looked on as the explosion cleared to see the Installation and the Flood ship had been destroyed. "That's one down, seven to go!"
The fleet celebrated their victory as they moved on to their next target. They would continue their journey until the threat of the Flood was completely eradicated. It was only a matter of time. The Xenomorphs had been tested in the new mode of warfare. Alongside their Vallish alies, they had proven they were up to the task of saving all they held as precious.
Zaf’el withdrew to her cabin and sipped her tea as she replayed Joshua’s last message. She hoped the fleet would return to Hiveworld within the year. Only then she would remove the armor around her heart… only then she would dare to tell him how she felt... until that time, her mind must remain focused on the war, and the battles to come. Then she could go to a place that would truly be home.

Alt Universe Collab Zaf'el pt 16
This is a fanfic based upon the Alien Franchise, which is the sole property of 20th Century Fox. I make no copyright claims on Xenomorphs, facehuggers, etc.

There are, however, original characters of my own making. Please respect my rights concerning these.

The Flood belongs to the universe of Halo, owned by 343 Industries.

This is a collaborative section of the series, done with Drakhand006, incorporating backstory and the main character Zaf'el, an extraordinary young woman of fascinating mixed heritage. You can read more about her…… <=== Chapter 15   Chapter 17 ===>…


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